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Feb 25, 2018 @ College Street United Church.

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YC Lee, tenor performed selected love songs by John Dowland (1563-1626) with pianists Mario Ostrowski and Ann Sublett.  #SoloDowlandProject represents a unique part of YC's vocal journey; a very different & equally passionate side of YC's personality & a contrast from his previous projects: #SoloMessiahProject and #SoloRecitalDebut. This vocal chamber concert was truly a one-of-a-kind  intimate performance.

College Street United Church feeds the destitute as part of their "Peace of Pizza" days and also sends musical instruments to Cuba as part of their "Musical Instruments for Cuba" program. Porgiamor Chamber Concerts is an ad-hoc collective of artists specializing in vocal chamber music. Proceeds from this fundraising concert were donated to College Street United Church.

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#SoloMessiahProject available: GooglePlay, AmazonDigital, iTunes(Pt 1), iTunes(Pt2), iTunes(Pt3)

#SoloRecitalDebut available here.

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Established  in late 2016 by YC Lee and Antonia de Wolfe, Porgiamor Chamber Concerts provides unique vocal chamber music performance opportunities in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Art Song, Oratorio and Opera are performed in intimate spaces such as Arraymusic & Bloor Street United Church.